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Securing your next career step can be a daunting challenge, so why not consider asking a recruitment partner to support you?

Elson Search has a history of providing support and assistance to candidates searching for their next challenge. This is a non-chargeable, proactive service, and the process is straight forward.

A quick "Hello"

First, it's important for us to meet. A short introduction call between us is required for Elson Search to learn about your current employment situation.


Exploratory Meeting

Next, during a 2nd call/meeting, we'll talk in detail about your professional background and ambition in order to understand your value proposition and desired next step. We'll also cover any particular skills, knowledge and experience that's going to make you especially relevant to specific companies. 


The Strategy

The outcome of our exploratory meeting will be to agree upon a search strategy, and Elson Search will subsequently build a profile providing insight on your candidacy. We can also list some target companies that we believe you could immediately add value to (please bear in mind that some of these organisations will be existing clients of Elson Search), and then we'll begin proactively (and confidentially) communicating to them on your behalf to identify if there are any available opportunities for you.


Guidance & Support

Elson Search can offer guidance on salary levels, advice on CV format/content, and will help you prepare ahead of any interview or presentation that's been organised by us.

Please don't be offended if our working together does not result in a new position for you, we can't promise we'll place you. What we can promise is that we'll provide the utmost dedication to supporting you with your move.


Securing a Role

Should you find yourself in an interview process for a new position through Elson Search, we will support you through your entire application and help you negotiate your package with your new company. We will also offer an unbiased opinion on the company you're interviewing with and provide insight to ensure you're well prepared and informed ahead of any meeting with them. 


Return the Favour

If you secure yourself a position with the support of Elson Search, we do not expect to be compensated. All we ask is that when you require recruitment assistance in the future, we are your first call. 

Candidate Testimonials

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  • LinkedIn

Business Unit Director, South Europe

Boston Scientific

He played a very good role helping me as a candidate but also looking for the interests of the hiring company. He did a great follow up during the whole process keeping me informed and supporting. I highly recommend him as a recruiter.

Elson Search
Candidate Testimonials
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